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Saint Valentine Day in Toastcrackers English Club, 14.February

If you didn't celebrate Saint Valentine Day, you missed a lot!!!

If you don't have someone whom you can devote this day.... sorry...
if you do like to share your smiles and laught with other people....
Welcome to Toastcrackers English Speaking Club !!!!!!!

Go to "House of Scientists", Kiev, Volodimirska Street 45-a, building in the yeard, house after the gate,
and you will meet very nice team of Toastmasters !!!!!!!!!!!

You will be nice boys and gils who are very pleased to speak English, make jokes, share their life stories, and present their positive and smiling attitutde to the life!!!

This Day was excellent!
Two stories of happy couples, Denis and his wife, Vladislav and his wife Irina
gave a great inspiration to th audience !!!!!

Following surprising questions were prepared by Alina and Alexandra.
So, participants were involved in such funny peformance which you don't expect....

Viktor, Denis, Sergey, Vladislav, Timur, Galina, Irina.... all were involved in imprompt speeches....

So far, if you do like to hear nice words like Galina said, don't miss it:

My sweet ! Sweet chokolate ! My candy! My honey !!!

You are welcome to tastcrackers at next meeting !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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