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Amazing Peformance at Toastcrackers English Club: Discussion: Crawl or Fly ???

Amazing Peformance was managed at Toastcrackers English Club on 07.february.

Topic of this Discussion was really strange :
"Those Who are born to Crawl shall Never Fly !!?? "

Do you agree ?? Do you disagree???

Who knows who are right and what reply would be correct ???

How can you apply it in YOUR private LIFE ???

One team included: Sergey, Timur and Anton. They said: Yes, it is true...

Other team included: Olga, Sergey and Zoya. They were AGAINST this position.

Anyway, members of 2-d team were WINNERS: People can be different !!!!

We hope that next discussion will be as much fruitful, emotional, intelligent and really great as this one !!!
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