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Lipsticks Finger-prints at Toastcrackers English Speaking Club: 21.February

This Meeting was lead by the Toastmaster Zoya.

Speech N1 was done by Timur. Subject of his speech was "Coexistencies in our life".
Timur's presentation was very enthusiastic and emotional.
He moved freely at the stage, made good questions to the audience and prepapred some good examples.

Speech N2 was done by Galina.
Her creative subject involved "Detective Investigation of our women's lips fingerprints".
Have you seen such nice lips fingerprints before?

She just collected a good range of such lips-prints !!! Very creative !!!

Attention of all men were really attracted to this subject with a great enthusuasm.
Despite such unusual object.

It seems that Galina lost "object" in her speech because all attention of the audience was switched on men's activity but not on the subject of her speech.
Some funny joke and examples would improve it in the nearest future.

Speech N 3 was done by Konstantin.

Very surprising psychological questions were prepared by Alexandra.

She switched our mind and proposed to the audience absolutely unique questions about unknown feelings and emotions of men and women.

Well, well, well.... it was not so easy way to make such re-incarnation in a two minutes to reply...
Yes, certainly, people were clever enough and did it perfectly.

If you want to be surprised, welcome to Toastcrackers Club, on Wednesday, 19-00.
Kiev, Vladimirskaya Street, 45a. "House of Scientists".
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