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This is open community for Top Talkers Toastmasters Club in Kiev.
We are situated at Kiev-Mohyla Business School, Kyiv, Voloska Street, building 8/5, foor 4, room 401.

This place is located near Kiev-Mohyla Academy buildings, which is situated nearby of Skovorody Square and Grigoriy Skovoroda Monument.
So far, you need to go out of "Kontractova Square" of Kiev Underground Train Station and go to "British Council" Building at Skovorody Street, and turn on right side to Voloska Street. Next 3-d building has "Gates" and "external entrance" to Kiev-Mohyla Business School building. Try to find it. Ask people.
Our meetings are every Wednesday, at evening time,19-30.

We speak English, ad discuss many things ... all things around us...
Exchange by ideas and life's experience in travelling, work, literature, books, friends' relations,
etc. etc. etc. are welcome !

We are pleased to meet new members.
Students, lecturers, business people, teachers, office's workers, foreingers living in Kiev, and
all English lovers of any age are welcome to join our Club.

Visit us and let's see it on your own experience.
Your visits (before membership) are free of charge and welcome. Membership costs some special fee.

Any Ukrainian and International Toastmasters are welcome to visit our Club and this Web-community.

We will be also pleased to publish some news about other Toastmasters Clubs in Kiev at this Live Journal Community.

Social capital

  • less than 10